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Ant Control

Ants are often found in the house, as well as around the garden. They are generally attracted to sugars, sweets, and other food sources. In the case of trees, ants often do not cause the problems but can be found after another insect or disease has attacked the tree and caused tree sap to become exposed and available to the ants. The ant colonies are often built underground in the garden or under building foundations.

Recommended Control Steps

The best way to destroy the colonies is to use Diatomaceous Earth in and around the colony, and Hasta La Vista, Ant! as bait to attract and kill moving ants. Gardens and outdoor areas can be sprayed with Monterey Termite and Carpenter Ant Control Spray, to help control the movement of the ants. If ants are on trees, their presence is likely a symptom of another insect attack, which should first be identified and treated.