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Florel Fruit Eliminator Spray

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Product Overview

1 Pint (16 oz.) Concentrate

Florel Fruit Eliminator (also known as Florel Growth Regulator) is a spray that reduces or eliminates nuisance fruit development on a large variety of ornamental trees and shrubs and controls mistletoe shoots in ornamental conifers and deciduous trees. It can also be used to concentrate and accelerate tomato ripening.



Florel Fruit Eliminator Spray is registered to reduce or eliminate undesirable fruit development on many ornamental trees and shrubs such as: apple, buckeye, carob, cottonwood, crabapple, elm, flowering pear, horse chestnut, maple, oak, olive, pine, sour orange, sweet gum (liquidambar) and sycamore. It also works on many other species that produce nuisance fruit.

When to Apply
In university tests, 95-100 percent control of undesirable fruit on many species has been achieved. However, timing is extremely critical! Application must be made prior to fruit set; apply at the mid to full-bloom stage in sufficient water to wet (do not spray to run off). Good spray coverage is essential for complete fruit elimination. Application made too early or too late will also not be effective. Apply at 3 oz./gallon. The amount of spray used will depend upon the size of the tree. Temperatures at the time of application should be between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Do not apply to trees that are under stress from disease, high temperatures, drought, etc.

How Much to Use
For most species, use about 3 ounces of Florel with 1 gallon of water. Some species may require lower concentrations.


Florel is the only product registered in the U.S. to control mistletoe. It can be used on ornamental deciduous trees to control leafy mistletoe and on conifers for dwarf mistletoe control.

When to Apply
On deciduous trees, the ideal time to apply is in the spring just before leaf-out. Daytime temperatures must be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for good results. Spray only the individual bunches of mistletoe, not the entire tree. Although complete elimination of mistletoe is unlikely in the first year, it should be about four years before you will have to treat the tree again. On conifers for dwarf mistletoe, apply in early summer prior to seed dispersal./p>

How Much to Use
For dwarf mistletoe (on conifers), use about 8 ounces of Florel with 1 gallon of water.
For leafy mistletoe (on deciduous trees like oak), use about 16 ounces (1 pint) with 1 gallon of water.


Florel can be used as an overall foliar spray to concentrate and accelerate tomato ripening. It should be applied at the end of the growing season to hasten ripening of mature green tomatoes and allow harvesting of fruit before frost.

How Much to Use
Use about 1.75 ounces with 1 quart of water.

Be sure to read all product labeling carefully before use.

Not available in Canada.


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