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Amur Chokecherry

Blossoms of Amur chokecherry Bark of Amur chokecherry Form of Amur chokecherry
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Blossoms of Amur chokecherry
G. Lumis
Bark of Amur chokecherry
G. Lumis
Amur chokecherry
G. Lumis

Common Names: Amur Chockecherry, Goldbark Cherry
Scientific Name: Prunus maackii

Foliage: Green toothed leaves, yellow fall colour
Height: 30 feet
Spread: 25 feet
Shape: Rounded, single or multitrunked, pyramidal when young
Growth Characteristics: Moderate growth rate

The Amur chokecherry has distinctive golden bark on the trunk and branches. Its tiny white flowers bloom in mid to late spring. During the summer, black fruits attract birds.

Plant Needs
Zone: 3 to 7
Light: Full to part sun
Moisture: Keep soil moist
Soil Type: moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil

Chokecherry trees can be pruned to one trunk if desired. Prune lower branches to allow attractive bark to be more visible.

Can be affected by common cherry pests, but less so in the colder zones. Cherry pests can include borers, scale, aphids, tent caterpillars, canker and leaf spot.