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Chinese Chestnut

A Chinese chestnut The leaf and fruit of a Chinese chestnut
A Chinese chestnut
G. Lumis
The leaf and fruit of a Chinese chestnut
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Castanea mollissima

Hardiness Zones: 4 to 8 
Height: 40 ft
Spread: 40 ft
Form: rounded 
Type: deciduous tree 
Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches 
Flowers: White 

The main ornamental feature of Chinese Chestnut is yellowish-white catkins present in early summer. The odor given off by the flowers may be considered offensive to some people. The nuts are edible but not as sweet as the American Chestnut. Two cultivars are needed for cross pollination and nut production. In cold climates the growing season may not be long enough for the nuts to mature. The following cultivars have been selected for their nut production; 'Abundance', 'Meiling', 'Nanking', and 'Kuling'. 

Text courtesy Michigan State University Extension