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Crimson Frost Birch

Crimson Frost Birch Foliage of Crimson Frost Birch Leaf of Crimson Frost Birch
Crimson Frost birch
G. Lumis
Foliage of Crimson Frost birch
G. Lumis
Leaf of Crimson Frost birch
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Betula platyphylla var. szechuanica x Betula pendula
'Purpurea' 'Crimson Frost'

Foliage: Deep burgundy-red leaves throughout summer, crimson to orange-yellow in the fall
Bark: White bark with cinnamon tones that peels
Height: 30 to 35 feet
Spread: 20 feet
Shape: Upright and oval, central leader
Growth Characteristics: Medium

The Crimson Frost Birch is often chosen for landscape use due to its deep red leaves during the summer and attractive bark. There are a few other "red-leaf" birches now available.

Plant Needs
Zone: 4 to 7
Light: Full to part sun
Moisture: Prefers moist soil
Soil Type: Does well in heavy clay soil

Transplanting should be done in early spring. Fertilize once or twice per year with a specially formulated fertilizer for Birch trees. Water to keep the soil wet or moist a few inches below the surface. Do not prune your birch tree during the growing season. Rather, wait until the end of the growing season in the fall. This is especially important because the bronze birch borer is active during the spring and open pruning wounds are inviting to them.

Insect susceptibility is unknown.