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Japanese Wisteria

Japanese Wisteria: Wisteria floribunda
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Chinese Wisteria
J. S. Peterson

Common Names: Japanese Wisteria
Scientific Name: Wisteria floribunda 

Foliage: Deciduous broadleaf. Dark, rich, green leaves. 
Height: Grows up to 30 feet
Spread: Grows up to 30 feet
Shape: Climbing vine. Can be trained to form a tree-like shape.
Growth Characteristics: Fast-growing. Twines right to left (clockwise).

The Japanese Wisteria makes a great trellis or arbor vine. It is characterized by its clockwise growing pattern. Fragrant violet or white flowers in hanging clusters. Bright green leaves turn yellow in the fall. This fast growing vine can be trained into tree form. Magnificent!

Plant Needs
Zone: 4-9
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Moisture: Tolerates wet, moist, or dry environments
Soil Type: Rich, deep, moist, well-drained soil

General Care Tips
This species may require plenty of pruning becuase if its rapid growth. Once the Japanese Wisteria has established itself, it does well with  minimal amount of care. An excess in nitrogen may cause an increase in growth, but will in turn reduce flowering. The best time to fertilize is before bloom in the spring season, and late summer until leafdrop. Minimize fertilizer during bloom.

Things to Watch Out For
Scale insects are the most common insect problems. The seeds and seed pods of Wisterias are toxic to humans and animals if ingested.