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Nikko Fir

Nikko Fir - Form Nikko Fir - Leaf Nikko Fir - Cone
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Nikko Fir
G. Lumis

Leaf of Nikko Fir
G. Lumis

Cone of Nikko Fir
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Abies homolepis
Other Common Names: n/a

Foliage: Needled Evergreen
Height: 40-60 feet
Spread: 15-25 feet
Shape: Pyramidal
Growth Characteristics: Slow-growing

The Nikko fir, native to the central mountains of Japan, is a stately specimen that maintains its pyramidal form into old age. It is more tolerant of heat than other firs. The needles are 0.5-1 inch long, and dark green with two white stripes on the underside. Bark is gray with pink hues and becomes scaly with age.

Plant Needs
Zone: 5-6
Light: Full to partial sun
Moisture: Most drought and heat tolerant of firs. Does not tolerate pollution and urban conditions
Soil Type: moist, humus-rich soil.

Pruning should not be necessary except to promote a single leader. When watering, take care not to overwater. 

Damage from deer browsing. Performs poorly in acid soils.