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Oriental Arborvitae

Oriental Arborvitae - Form Oriental Arborvitae - Leaf Oriental Arborvitae - Foliage
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Oriental Arborvitae
G. Lumis

Leaf of Oriental Arborvitae
G. Lumis

Foliage of Oriental Arborvitae
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Platycladus orientalis (formerly Thuja orientalis)
Other Common Names: n/a

Foliage: Needled Evergreen
Height:  18-25 feet
Spread: 10-12 feet
Shape: Pyramidal
Growth Characteristics: Slow-growing

Oriental arborvitae grows as either a large shrub or a small tree. Starting off rather dense and compact, the canopy opens up with age. The needles are scale-like and bright green. It is an excellent choice for hedges as it often only needs trimming at the top. Cultivars include 'Bakeri', 'Blue Cone', and 'Elegantissima'.

Plant Needs
Zone: 5-9
Light: Full sun
Moisture: Tolerates humidity and drought better than American Arborvitae
Soil Type: Prefers moist, well-drained soils

Fertilize with formulations that promote woody, strong growth rather than excessive foliar growth. In winter, use twine or burlap to protect branches from breakage. If areas of the tree are winter burned, new growth should resprout. Does not respond well to shearing. Take care not to overprune as the tree does not recover well.

Damage from browsing deer can be common.  Roots are quite shallow, so can be easily uprooted in wind and storms.  Prone to bagworms