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Pindo Palm

Butia capitata

Pindo Palm
(Courtesy University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)


Height: 15-25 feet (4.5-7.6 meters)
Spread: 10-15 feet (3.0-4.5 meters)
Leaf: 18-36 inches (45-91 cm)
Range: Not native to North America. (USDA Hardiness Zones 8B through 11 - Florida; southern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Nevada; coastal California, Oregon and Washington).

General Care Tips

Pindo Palms grow in a variety of sun and shade conditions. Trees tolerate a variety of well-drained, fertile soils. Prune sparingly. Avoid damaging lower trunk and roots.

Things to Watch For:

Insect pests include palm leaf skeletonizer and scales. There are no major disease problems.