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Post Planting

Planting a Citrus Tree: Post-Planting Care

Ensuring that your new tree has adequate moisture for the first year of life after planting is important. Water your newly-planted tree two or three times the first week and one or two times every week for the first few weeks thereafter. After this period, water any time the soil dries out one to two inches down.

Weeding and Mulch
Controlling weeds and surrounding vegetation is essential to get your citrus off to a good start. Make sure the ground is clear to a diameter of three feet surrounding the tree. Avoid the use of an organic mulch to minimize the possibility of foot rot disease. Your tree care specialist may prescribe a herbicide to help in weed control. As always when using chemicals, follow the directions carefully and do not exceed the recommended application.

New citrus trees can benefit from the application of a specially formulated fertilizer but not until growth begins in the spring.  Fertilizers should contain the necessary macro- and micronutrients.  Avoid fertilizing with a quick-release fertilizer between approximately August and mid February for the first two years to avoid stimulating vulnerable growth during the cold weather. Read more about fertilization.

Newly planted trees can benefit right away from the application of mycorrhizal fungi.  This beneficial fungus aids in root development and establishment.  Read more about mycorrhizal fungi here.