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Scotch Pine, Scots Pine

Scotch Pine Cone of Scotch Pine Bark of an Scotch Pine
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Scotch Pine
G. Lumis
Cone of Scotch Pine
G. Lumis
Bark of an Scotch Pine
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Pinus sylvestris

The Scotch Pine is a lovely pine widely used throughout North America as a landscape pine and as a commercially grown Christmas tree. It is notable for its beautiful bluish-green or yellowish-green foliage. It can be successfully grown in even poor soils.


Height: 40-50 feet (12-15 meters)
Spread: 25-30 feet (7.6-9 meters)
Leaf blade: 2-4 inches (5-10 cm)
Range: Not native to North America (USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 8A- throughout North America with the exception of the extreme southern and west coastal areas of the United States.)

General Care Tips

The Scotch Pine grows on a wide variety of even poor soils but does best on well-drained clays and loams. It prefers full sun.

Things to Watch For

Pests include, significantly, the pine wilt nematode which is becoming an increasing problem. It is also susceptible to sawfly caterpillars, Zimmerman pine moths, pine weevils and pine shoot beetles.

Among disease problems, scotch pines can suffer from canker diseases and needle cast.