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TreeHelp Annual Care Kits

tr-kit-200.jpg Do-it-yourself tree care.

TreeHelp Annual Care Kits help homeowners maintain healthy and vibrant trees. The simple 3-step program provides nutrients and organic elements that will help your tree today and for many years to come. 3-steps.gif

Trees are not grass.

You may be familiar with fertilizing your lawn. Fertilizing your tree is different. Roots are located at different depths, growth patterns differ, and the physical structures are not alike. Your trees will not benefit from a lawn fertilization program and in fact may be hurt by it. TreeHelp care products are specifically designed for trees.

Not all trees are alike.

Palm trees and oaks trees are completely different from each other. Treatments tailored for one may not work on the other. The same applies for maples, pines and pretty much any tree you can think of. TreeHelp care kits are customized for different trees, mixing and matching different formulations to achieve the ideal balance of growth, strength and endurance. tree-not-equal.jpg

Good things take time.

Much of the tree fertilizer now on the market contains quick-release nutrients designed to spur quick flushes of growth. This type of growth is generally weak and unsustainable. TreeHelp fertilizers slowly release nutrients over time to promote steady, healthy growth.

Tree care can be affordable.

While tree service companies can provide much valuable expertise and specialized treatments, you can perform most regular maintenance treatments yourself. And you can save a lot of money doing it.