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Types Of Cherry

There are many varieties of cherries. They vary in shape and size as well as flower and fruit colour. Some are more cold hardy and disease resistant than others. Below, the types of cherry trees are listed and detailed descriptions of each can be found by clicking on the named varieties.

Amur Chockecherry, Goldbark Cherry   Amur Chockecherry, Goldbark Cherry
  Prunus mackii
Wild Black Cherry, Black Cherry   Black Cherry
  Prunus serotina
Purple-leaved Plum, Cherry Plum   Purple-leaved Plum, Cherry Plum
  Prunus cerasifera 'atropurpurea'
Sargent Cherry   Sargent Cherry
  Prunus sargentii


Weeping Cherry, Higan Cherry   Weeping Cherry, Higan Cherry
  Prunus subhirtella var. pendula