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Watering A Palm Tree

Watering a Palm Tree

Once planted, a palm tree is easily maintained with just a little effort and some tender loving care. As well as maintaining proper soil conditions , an important consideration is to ensure that your palm receives sufficient water for healthy growth. In desert areas and in the absence of regular rainfall, periodic watering is essential. Slow drip or bubble type watering over a number of hours is better than a simple drenching with a hose. As for how often, this will depend on the climate, season and rainfall frequency. In many areas, twice a month during the summer decreasing to once every six weeks during the colder season should be enough.

Pruning a Palm Tree

As they grow, the older fronds of palm trees will turn brown, die and, eventually, fall off. For esthetic reasons, you may wish to speed the process along a little by pruning off the dead fronds. Use some caution when pruning a palm tree. Prune only the dead fronds and remember not to cut too close to the trunk. In the case of a large tree, this is a job that should be left to a tree maintenance specialist.

Other Concerns

Finally, be careful when using lawn mowers and other gardening equipment around your palm tree. The bark is easily damaged and the resulting wounds are entry points for insects and disease.