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Western White Pine

Western White Pine Cone of Western White Pine
Western White Pine
G. Lumis
Cone of western white pine
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Pinus monticola


Height: 90 to 110 feet (27 to 33 meters)
Spread: 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) in open
Leaves: Bluish-green needles in bundles of five. 1.5 to 5 inches (3.8 to 12.7 cm) long
Fruit: Slender, yellow-brown cone, 4 to 10 inches (10 to 25 cm) long 

General Care Tips

The Western White Pine favors deep porous soils with medium acidity but will tolerate soils of poorer quality. Seedlings can benefit from partial shade up to five years and full sun thereafter. Growth can be very slow with seedlings started in nutrient-rich soil doing best. Western white pines are generally drought intolerant.

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Things to Watch For

Fusarium, a damping off disease, and neopeckia coulteri, a snow mould are dangers for young seedlings. A root rot, rhizina undulata, is also a problem in seedlings under 5 years. Birds and insects can also kill young seedlings.