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White Fir

White Fir - Form White Fir - Leaf White Fir - Form
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White Fir
G. Lumis

Leaf of White Fir
G. Lumis

White Fir
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend.) Lindl. ex Hildebr.
Other Common Names: concolor fir, Rocky Mountain white fir, California white fir (var. lowiana (Gord.))

Foliage: Needled Evergreen
Height: 35-40 feet
Spread: 15-30 feet
Shape: Pyramidal
Growth Characteristics: Slow- to moderate-growing

The white fir is known as the most beautiful of the firs. It is also more adaptable than other species such as balsam fir. Its elegant, symmetrical form with low-weeping branches make it a good specimen tree. Needles are 1.5-2.5 inches long and vary in colour from green to rich blue in certain cultivars. Cultivars include 'Violacea', 'Candicans', 'Glenmore', and 'Swift's Silver'.

Plant Needs
Zone: 3-8
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Moisture: Most drought and heat tolerant of firs. Does not tolerate pollution and urban conditions
Soil Type: well-drained, sandy, acid to alkaline soil

Soil should be amended to improve drainage as white fir performs very poorly in clayey or wet soil. Pruning should not be necessary except to promote a single leader. Lower branches should not be pruned as it ruins the natural form of the tree.

Can lose needles in alkaline soils. No serious insect or diseases.