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All Natural Ant Control 32oz Trigger Spray

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All Natural Ant Control 32oz Trigger Spray

I Must Garden Ant Control spray uses all-natural ingredients, such as soybean oil, garlic, molasses, and mint oil, to repel and kill ants. The formula has been tried and rigorously tested to work without using harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Because it uses only natural ingredients, it is not harmful for the environment and is a safe alternative to use around your pets and family.


I Must Garden All Natural Ant Control spray is easy to use. Shake well and spray or drench ant colonies. Spray areas where ants enter your home to keep them out. Test areas indoors for staining prior to application and then clean the surface well and remove exposed food sources. Spray the troublesome areas, corners, and crevices then repeat in 2 days. Thereafter, you will only need to repeat it monthly or as needed.


If using outdoors, liberally spray it on foundations to repel ants from entering. You can also pour it directly into ant mounds, soaking the soil thoroughly. Depending on the depth of the nest, it may require additional applications. Heavy infestations will require multiple treatments, just observe your problem spots and spray as needed. If spraying edible crops wash off before consumption.