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All Natural Granular Animal Repellent, 2.5 LBS

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All Natural Granular Animal Repellent, 2.5 LBS

All Natural Granular Animal Repellent works so you can safely and effectively repel deer, rabbits and other herbivores from your garden. All natural, biodegradable and guaranteed to work to repel deer and rabbits. The ingredients will not harm any animalsƒ but keeps them away from your garden.

This repellent is enhanced with botanical oils and pepper providing the strongest and most effective repellent available. Furthermore, it does not have a foul or offensive odor.

  • No mixing or spraying needed. Granular - just sprinkle
  • Repels by an odor that stimulates a strong fear-based response with both deer and rabbits, yet there is no unpleasant odor to humans
  • Rain resistant and can be used throughout all seasons, even in snow
  • Organic nutrients provide and promote enhanced plant growth


Generously sprinkle around flowers, plants, shrubs and trees to keep animals from browsing. Reapply as needed.


Apply a 16” wide strip of repellent around area to be protected. Interior strips should also be applied every 5’ on beds larger than 8’ x 10’. Larger herbivores (deer, elk, moose) may require heavier application rates than smaller herbivores (rabbits, hares, groundhogs, opossums). Reapply as needed.