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All Natural Groundhog Repellent 32oz Trigger Spray

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All Natural Groundhog Repellent 32oz Trigger Spray

Effective, Safe & Natural

All Natural Groundhog Repellent will keep groundhogs away from your plants in a safe and humane manner. It does not contain harmful chemicals so you can use our groundhog repellent around your pets and family without the worry of harmful pesticide or toxic chemicals. The all-natural ingredients will not harm plants or turf and they are safe for the environment. All Natural Groundhog Repellent is an effective and long-lasting treatment for all landscaped areas, and as an added bonus, it does not have an unpleasant scent to dissuade you from working in your own garden.

How It Works

All Natural Groundhog Repellent works by making your protected plants smell and taste unappetizing to groundhogs. By blending carefully selected botanical oils with other tested ingredients we have developed a unique formula, specifically for these rodents. It will discourage them from snacking on your plants, but it will not hurt them. It discourages feeding on treated plants, forcing them to relocate and feed elsewhere. Some of the active ingredients include rosemary oil, thyme, garlic, and clove oil - which are all from plants that groundhogs naturally will not eat. It is a complex and strong mixture, formulated to last a long time and be the most effective.

Application Tips

Have you spotted large holes in your yard (10-12” in diameter) accompanied by mounds of dirt? Did something take a big bite out of your cucumber or tomato? Does it look like something is gnawing at the base of your fruit tree? These are some of the first indications of a groundhog taking up residence on your property. It is best to take action as soon as you notice the first signs of damage.

All Natural Groundhog repellent is an easy-to-use spray. It works best and lasts longest on dry plants, and should be allowed at least one hour to dry before watering or rainfall. During heavy rainfall, or if you have an extensive groundhog problem, more frequent applications will be necessary. Spray your plants with a fine mist and repeat the application as necessary (usually every 1-2 inches of new plant growth). You may also saturate the ground and the holes to prevent the animals from re-entering and making their tunnels unpleasant.