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Cladrastis lutea: American Yellowwood Tree Seeds

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Cladrastis lutea: American Yellowwood Tree Seeds

Zones: 4 to 8
Mature Height: 50 to 65 feet
Mature Spread: 40 feet

American Yellowwood is an attractive shade tree and ornamental specimen and will grow out to 50-68 feet at maturity (40 ft. wide). The Yellowwood was recently been designated as the Official Bicentennial Tree of Tennessee and is considered to be a native Tennessee ornamental tree of unsurpassed beauty. Flowering in late spring the Yellowood bears fragrant wisteria-like white flowers in large 10-12 inch drooping panicles at the end of each branch - the hanging flower clusters will pretty much cover a mature tree in late spring and is spectacular when doing so. It blooms more profusely in alternate years. Its mature habit is broad with a rounded crown. Pinnate leaves (7-11 leaflets) open as yellowish green and turn bright green in summer, yellow in fall.

This packet contains 10 handsorted, high-quality seeds.