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Convertible Roost/Birdhouse

SKU: UNS-AHC2435 BRAND: Urban Nature Store
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Convertible Roost/BirdhouseConvertible Roost/BirdhouseConvertible Roost/Birdhouse
A winter roosting box is a great way to provide protection from the cold for many of your smaller backyard birds including chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. As the temperature drops in the winter, these birds will often gather together to share body heat, greatly improving their chances of surviving harsh weather. In the spring, it easily converts to a birdhouse perfect for many common species.  Simply remove the screws holding the door, flip it around so the hole is now at the top and re-fasten the door.  Be sure to line up the screws with the pre drilled holes in the door to ensure proper positioning. Next remove the perches by sliding them out of their holes. Handmade in Canada from white pine, this roost is ready to withstand the elements.  All joints are glued and screwed to provide extra strength. The inside features 3 staggered perches to accommodate roosting birds. The front wall opens upward by turning the latch at the bottom right to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Place your roost box in a sheltered spot with the entrance hole facing away from prevailing winds, southward if possible. Add a layer of wood chips on the bottom for insulation and comfort.  Mount on a pole, post or tree between 6 and 15 feet high. To protect from predators, mount a metal baffle below the roost box.
17"h, 7 ¼"w, 9"d