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Deer Defeat Repellent, 16oz. Concentrate

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Deer Defeat Repellent, 16oz. ConcentrateDeer Defeat Repellent, 16oz. Concentrate

Deer Defeat is an eco-friendly, all-natural deer, rabbit and groundhog repellent. Deer Defeat repels by odor and taste and will discourage the deer and other browsing animals from damaging your plants..

  • There is no need to reapply after rain - it will not wash off even after prolonged periods of rain.
  • Totally safe for humans, animals and environment.
  • Will not clog sprayer and it dries odorless in minutes.
  • Can be applied in the winter, the only repellent that can be applied in subfreezing temperatures, ensuring protection year around.
  • The active ingredients are nourishing to plants.


This container makes 1 gallon of repellent. and covers approximately 2000 Sq. Ft.

Directions for Use

  1. Shake container well.
  2. Pour contents into I gallon empty container and fill with water to measure I gallon total.
  3. Adjust nozzle for desired spray pattern.
  4. Apply liberally (you must see visible droplets) to plants during non-windy conditions and at least 4 hours prior to rainfall. During the plant’s rapid growth stage, or every 6 to 7 inches of new growth, reapply weekly and then monthly thereafter. Additionally, with plants such as tulips, hostas and lilies apply when the buds first appear. With other blooming plants such as mums, reapply before flowering. No need to reapply after normal rain fall.

Winter Use

Shake well before each use. Spray in late November or before snowfall. Make sure to coat the entire plant in need of protection with repellent. Reapply again in late January or early February. In areas with very harsh winters, reapply as needed.

Edible Plants

Can be sprayed directly on plants until flowering stage. Afterwards, apply liberally to the grass 2 ft. wide along the perimeter of the garden. Reapply after mowing.