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Feather Friendly Decal, 3 Rolls (Black)

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Feather Friendly Decal, 3 Rolls (Black)Feather Friendly Decal, 3 Rolls (Black)Feather Friendly Decal, 3 Rolls (Black)Feather Friendly Decal, 3 Rolls (Black)

When To Use Black Feather Friendly

Black markers are recommended for most fly-through areas such as clear glass railing systems. In these circumstances, black can be much more visible on both sides of the glass, making them more effective at preventing fly-through collisions.

Fly-Through is when birds can see a habitat or sky that really does exist on the other side but do not realize the glass is a solid barrier preventing them from reaching it. A clear glass railing or a glass walkway are perfect examples. If your glass has Fly-through, you will need our Black deterrent Markers, and they can be placed on either side of the glass.

Each order comes with a complete application kit, including:

  • Rolls of Feather Friendly DIY deterrent marker
  • Paper Measuring deterrents to be used as guides during installation
  • Plastic squeegee for pressing markers to glass during installation
  • Installation Instruction sheet
    Recommended Project Size for 1 roll: Less than 100 Sq. Ft 
    Marker Shape & Sizes: 1/4” squares, 2” spacing
    Roll Dimensions: Each roll is 1⁄4 inch x 100 ft. (covering approx. 16 sq ft.)
    Colours: Black
    Longevity: 8+ years


    Marker deterrent coverage: Each 100 ft. roll is enough material to treat 16 square feet (approx. 1.5 square meters) of glass, or equivalent to a 4' x 4' window.

    Application Temperature: Markers must be applied at a MINIMUM TEMPERATURE of 10°C or 50°F. 

    Will Not Damage Glass Surfaces or Exterior Glass Coatings such as Solar Reflective, Low-E, or other types of glass treatments.

    Must Be Applied to Outside of the Glass (First Surface Exterior)

    Feather Friendly window markers are an easy-to-use scientifically proven solution for preventing bird collisions with glass surfaces. Feather Friendly window markers are highly effective in making the area visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions while remaining unobtrusive to humans.

    An easy to use product that is suitable for all building types, from homes and apartments to condos, or cottages. Our markers provide the best combination of collision avoidance, longevity, appearance and visibility to birds, while still maintaining your home’s outside views and natural light. Feather Friendly is a simple solution with a meaningful impact that protects our winged friends and supports bird conservation efforts.

    DIY rolls are cost-effective for treating small areas such as 1 or 2 windows, or a patio door and allow you to lay one row at a time.

      How to Install Feather Friendly DIY:

      How To Remove Feather Friendly DIY: