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Fly Trap w/ Sunflower Design, 2-PK

SKU: ARKR-1186-3 BRAND: Aeroxon
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Fly Trap w/ Sunflower Design, 2-PK

2 Non-toxic traps and push pins

Non-toxic, odourless and decorative glue trap with a large colour-printed glue surface for catching flies in all living and working areas.

The cardboard Fly Trap is coated with a non-toxic odourless glue. It can be hung from the wall or the ceiling or any convenient hook or bar. The special glue, the colouring and the contrasts lure the flies to the glue surface where they are trapped. Attractive pattern hides insects as they are caught on the trap. The Fly Trap can be used in the workplace and all around the home including the kitchen. Safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas.

Easy Instructions:
To expose the glue, it is important to pull off both protective strips in one swift movement from top to bottom. Attach the trap to the wall or ceiling with the push pin provided or with the hanger. When hanging from the ceiling, ensure the glue is exposed on both sides to double the effective sticky area. When there are many flies present use additional traps.

The effect lasts for one season (e.g. from April to September) or at least as long as the trap is covered with flies. After use the Fly Trap can be disposed of in household waste. In case of contact, the glue can be removed with vegetable oil.

Do not place in a draughty area.