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Fungisol Fungicide 4ml

SKU: MAU-302C BRAND: Mauget
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Fungisol Fungicide 4mlFungisol Fungicide 4ml

Not Available for Sale in New York state and Canada. Certain other restrictions may apply.


Fungisol (4ml)

Fungisol is a proprietary fungicide that has been developed for tree micro-injection use. Fungisol is effective on more than 30 diseases on a large variety of ornamental, conifer, palms and other trees and has been actually used since 1978. It can also be used to manage many foliar and stem diseases.
Fungisol has demonstrated activity on soil borne wilt pathogens not effectively controlled with traditional fungicide drenches.

•    FUNGISOL is a Mauget Patented Formulation.
•    Broad spectrum.
•    University and field tested.
•    Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method.

The product will work to control these diseases:

Alder Ceratocystis Canker, Anthracnose, Arborvitae Branch Canker, Birch Melanconium Dieback, Botryodiplodia, Botryosphaeria Branch Canker, Cedar Branch Canker, Cedar Coryneum Blight, Cephalosporium Ulmi, Ceratocystis Canker, Ceratocystis Dieback, Ceratocystis Fagacearum, Ceratocystis Ulmi, Coryneum Blight, Coryneum Canker, Cypress Cedar Branch Canker, Cytospora Canker, Diplodia Tip Blight, Dothiorella, Dutch Elm Disease, Elm DieBack, Vermicularia , Elm Wilt, Fusarium moniliforme, Fusarium Perniciosum, Fusarium Subglutinans, Fusarium Wilt, Kabatina, Kabatina Branch Canker, Leptographium Canker, Melanconium Dieback, Nectria Canker, Oak Decline Complex, Oak Wilt, Palm Bud Rot, Penicillium Vermoeseni, Pestalotia, Phomopsis, Phomopsis Canker, Physalospora Bleeding Canker, Pine Atropellis Canker, Pine Pitch Canker, Pine Pitch Girdle, Pink Bud Rot, Redwood Branch Canker, Thielaviopsis Decline, Tubercularie, Verticicladiella, Verticillium Wilt

Dosage Per Diameter Measurement:

Measure the tree at chest height in inches. Measure the circumference, then divide this number by six (6) to determine the number of micro-injectors needed. If the number of
micro-injectors results in a fraction, round down to the lower whole number.

Trees in advanced stages of insect infestation may not respond to treatment. The health, species of the tree and the environmental conditions will determine the rate of uptake.

Removal of Applicator

Uptake in the tree usually occurs within several minutes. Micro-injector capsules may be temporarily rotated in place to see if any liquid is left. When empty, turn the capsules upside down for one minute before removal. It is important to remove micro-injectors promptly after treatment. Empty micro-injector capsules must not be left on the tree.

Required to undertake treatment
(1) Portable electric drill
(2) 11/64 in. (0.4 cm) drill bit
(3) Optional soft headed mallet or hammer
(4) Tape measure
(5) Insertion tool (optional)

The package contains 24 Capsule and Micro Injectors of 4ml each.

How to Install Fungisol?