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Garden Phos with Pentra Bark

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Garden Phos with Pentra BarkGarden Phos with Pentra BarkGarden Phos with Pentra Bark

1 x 0.25 Gallon of Garden-Fos
1 x 1.6 oz bottle of Pentra-Bark

Garden-Fos and Pentra-Bark, when used in combination as a concentrated tree trunk spray, are an effective and easy way to control for Sudden Oak Death, beech decline, cankers, root and collar rot, and phytophthora and phythium-related diseases. As a foliar spray, Garden-Fos can be used for the control of apple black spot and scab, bacterial blight, downy mildew, raceme blight, brown rot and foot rot and anthracnose.

The Garden-Fos/Pentra-Bark combination package includes a 0.25 Gallon of Garden-Fos and a 1.6 oz bottle of Pentra-Bark.

Garden-Fos can be used to fortify and protect your precious trees from damaging tree declines such as sudden oak death, beech decline and others diseases as it boosts the immune system of your trees and other plants. It can be used on many types of trees including oak, pines, beech, apples, avocados, pears, citrus, grapes, mangoes, nut trees, spruce, douglas fir and a wide range of other trees and plants. The Garden-Fos/Pentra-Bark combination mixture is sprayed on the lower 8 feet of the tree's trunk and then it soaks into the sap stream of the tree. When used as a foliar spray, Garden-Fos is sprayed as a water mixture.

Basically Garden-Fos boosts a tree's natural immune response against pathogenic attack and stimulates the tree to tolerate higher levels of environmental stress and pathogen attack.

The active ingredients in Garden-Fos are Mon and Di potassium salts of Phosphoric Acid which directly impact the plant's metabolism resulting in a profound disease countering effect. Garden-Fos is rapidly absorbed across cell walls and is quickly transported throughout the tree through the xylem and phloem tubes. The breakage of P-P bonds in di and triphosphate nucleotides releasing ATP energy and the reduction of NADP into NADPH and additional ADP all release plant energies that directly counter pathogen attack. During the heightened energy periods the tree's cells have increased energy to maintain homeostasis and thickening of cell walls occurs to prevent mycelia penetration.

Using Garden-Fos and Pentra-Bark Together:

Penta-Bark is a unique, patented, bark penetrating agent that has been specially designed to help Garden-Fos and other fungicides penetrate the bark of trees and therefore enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Pentra-Bark is unique in its ability to translocate the Garden-Fos through the tree's bark into the phelloderm and its subsequent transport throughout the tree's vascular system. Using the new Pentra-Bark approach to treating trees eliminates the need for conventional treatment methods that require professional applicators or invasive drilling and high-pressure root flair injections.

When applying Gardenfos and Penbark together a concentration of 50% water and 50% Garden-Fos is mixed and then 2.5% by volume of Pentra-Bark is added to the mixture. The mixture is then sprayed directly on to the trunk of the tree from about 6 to 9 feet above the ground. The solution is applied around the tree trunk's complete circumference downward to the ground to the point of saturation run-off.

It is recommended that Garden-Fos be applied twice a year when treating Sudden Oak Death. It can be applied anytime that the tree is actively growing, but should not be applied when a tree is dormant, as the tree will not effectively move Garden-Fos through its vascular system. In California, Coast Live Oaks are often dormant during the summer form July to October, while most other deciduous oaks are dormant in the winter when they lose their leaves.

Ideally, trees should be treated before they show symptoms as part of a preventive strategy in areas of known Sudden Oak Death outbreaks. Treatment has a better chance of success if applied within a few months of the first signs of symptoms.

The Garden-Fos/Pentra-Bark Combo will generally treat one average size tree. 2 combo packages may be required for large trees.

Not available in Canada