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Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager

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Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager

32 fl. oz. bottle treats up to 5000 square feet

Water less, reduce drought stress

Hydretain is a patented product which extends watering requirements by managing moisture in the soil and helping trees, plants and grass better manage drought stress.

Hydretain is a blend of hydroscopic and humectant compounds that attract and hold moisture, like tiny “water magnets” within the soil. This is an excellent product to improve transplant survival, maximize flower and fruit production on trees and minimize drought stress. Each application of Hydretain reduces frequency of watering for up to 3 months and is an effective tool for tree care and gardening during prolonged hot, dry conditions.

Hydretain is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Re-application every three months is recommended as it allows Hydretain to build up in the soil profile, providing even greater drought resistance with each application.

Just like our bodies plants need a continual source of water to grow and remain healthy. Even during times of normal rainfall and in between scheduled waterings plants can suffer from a lack of sufficient water, known as “drought stress”. Unfortunately by the time the first visible sign of drought stress appears plants’ and turf grasses' internal processes (photosynthesis, carbohydrate translocation, cell differentiation, cell elongation, & cell division) have ceased. This complete shutdown of the physiological processes results in weak, under-developed plants that are prone to diseases, nutrient deficiencies, shallow roots, reduced flowering and poor crop yields. Ultimately the overall quality of your plants and lawn suffers.

Hydretain is the solution. Hydretain manages root zone moisture, making the most efficient use of applied water, rain, etc. Its simple mechanism protects turf and plants from the harmful effects of drought stress, reducing disease pressure and root shrinkage. Hydretain will result in healthy, disease-resistant plants that will improve the overall quality of your lawn, landscaping and vegetable gardens.

Hydretain does not hold excess water in the root zone and therefore does not promote disease. It also will not change the water holding capacity or percolation of the soil matrix (except in the case of severely hydrophobic soils as above).

Hydretain is not a wetting agent, polymer, penetrant, or antitranspirant. No other product has the ability to actually attract free water molecules and then release them through osmosis into the roots of your trees, shrubs or lawn. It is a truly unique compound that has no equal.

How to Apply Hydretain:
Simply apply Hydretain by attaching the bottle with hose-end sprayer to your garden hose - it’s that easy. After you apply Hydretain, rinse it off the foliage and into the soil, then water heavily enough to carry Hydretain down to and throughout the root zone. This allows Hydretain to attach to your roots and begin to manage your tree’s moisture and keep your trees, plants and turf alive and healthy.