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Rapitest Mini pH-Moisture Tester

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Rapitest Mini pH-Moisture Tester

Mini pH-Moisture Tester, complete instructions for testing moisture and pH and charts with the watering needs for over 100 plants and the pH preferences of over 50 plants.
No batteries required.

The Rapitest pH-Mini Moisture Tester is designed for simplicity of use with accurate results. It is an economical way to test for moisture and pH levels in the soil.

Why Should You Test Moisture?
One of the most common problems for experienced and novice gardeners alike is providing the correct amount of moisture to the soil. Damage from overwatering is often difficult to remedy after the fact. Knowing how much moisture your plants are getting help you get better results from your gardening efforts.

Why Should You Test pH?
One of the key measures of the suitability of a given soil is its pH, or acidity level. The pH level determines which plants will thrive in a given soil and which may struggle. Mainly, it affects how effectively a plant can access available nutrients. For example, many plants growing in a soil with a high pH level (an alkaline soil) will have difficulty taking up available Iron and Manganese. This can cause yellowing of the leaves and general underperformance of the plant. Knowing the correct pH level for your plants will help you get better results from your gardening efforts.

How Does Rapitest pH-Mini Moisture Tester Work?
Simply use the switch to select what you would like to measure, insert the meter into the soil, and take a reading.