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Rapitest pH Soil Tester

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Rapitest pH Soil Tester

Color comparator, 10 pH test capsules, complete instructions for adjusting soil pH and pH preference list for over 450 plants for the home, yard and garden.

The Rapitest pH Soil Tester is designed for simplicity of use with accurate results. For gardeners already familiar with soil testing, you'll appreciate the unique, patented, specially designed "color comparator" and capsule system, that makes quick work of testing. For those of you new to soil testing, you'll appreciate this easy, fast, and fun way to achieve better growing results from your gardening efforts.

Why Should You Test pH?
The Rapitest pH Soil Tester tests for the pH, or acidity, level of the soil. The pH has a big impact on how a plant can make use of available nutrients in the soil, so if your plants are underperforming, pH may be involved. Certain plants perform better than others in certain pH ranges, so it is important to know the pH level of your soil before you plant.

When Should You Test pH?
Soil should be tested periodically throughout the growing season, but it is especially recommended to test before planting in Spring and when preparing beds in Fall. And, if you feel your plants are not growing well, a soil test may help.

How Does the Tester Work?
All you do is put a sample of soil into the comparator, add powder from a capsule, add water, shake and watch the color develop. Then, note your test results. Fast, easy and it only takes a few minutes.