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Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap, 16oz Concentrate

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Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap, 16oz ConcentrateSafer Brand Insect Killing Soap, 16oz Concentrate
  • 16 fl oz concentrate- makes up to 6 gal
  • Contains potassium salts of fatty acids (49.52%)
  • Targets and kills aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, harlequin bugs, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, mites, plant bugs, psyllids, sawfly larvae, soft scales, spider mites, and whiteflies
  • Can be used up until the day of harvest
  • Will not persist in the environment

The Economical and Effective Way to Eradicate Destructive Insects

Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap is a long-standing formula derived from natural ingredients, proven to kill a variety of plant-eating insects on contact. And this powerful concentrate packs over 50 times the amount of active ingredient into just one small, economical bottle - making over 6 gallons of solution. Simply mix one part Insect Killing Soap Concentrate with 50 parts water, and store the rest for future applications.

OMRI Listed and Approved for Organic Gardening

Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap is OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening, so you can spray generously onto your plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables to protect them from the most damaging of insects up until the day of harvest.

Kills on Contact:

  • aphids
  • earwigs
  • grasshoppers
  • leafhoppers
  • mealybugs
  • sawfly larvae
  • scales
  • spider mites
  • whiteflies
  • and more...

A Trusted Remedy Proven to Kill Harmful Insects

Insecticidal soap (otherwise known as potassium salts of fatty acids) is a commonly used pesticide made with natural plant extracts that dehydrate and kill certain insects on contact. Soft-bodied insects like aphids and mealybugs are most effected by insecticidal soap, which works by weakening their bodies’ waxy coating and penetrating their cellular membranes causing them to dehydrate and die. Just mix and spray at the first signs of insects, and apply regularly when insects are present to keep your plants pest-free.

The Benefits of Organic Gardening

Besides preventing the harmful effects caused by synthetic chemicals, organic gardening offers a host of additional economic and health benefits. An organic regimen saves money in the long run by helping to create sustainable gardens that produce greater yields, reducing the need for fertilizers and pest controls over time. Furthermore, increased organic matter in your soil reduces erosion and conserves water, and organic produce is more flavorful and nutrient-dense. Because Safer Brand products are third-party certified for use in organic gardening - both by OMRI and the NOP - you can be sure that the pest control products you choose fit into an organic gardening regimen.