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Sky Cafe Orange Oriole Bird Feeder

SKU: AR-500 BRAND: Arundale
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Sky Cafe Orange Oriole Bird Feeder
  • It is made from sturdy UV stable resin (polyethylene).
  • Cage excludes Robins, Starlings, Blue Jays and other large birds.
  • Great for jelly and oranges, and can be used for feeding mealworm.
  • 1/2 inch opening for food
  • Can also be mounted on a post

Arundale Sky Cafe Oriole Feeder Combines patented Eco-Friendly squirrel-proof Sunset Orange Sky Cafe dome with a vinyl coated 1 1/2 inch wire form that allows easy access for Orioles. Orange dome is a magnet for migrating Orioles and Orioles that are summer residents. Arundale SkyCafe Oriole Feeder: Dome helps protect jelly, oranges and meal worms from rain and sunlight. Cage excludes Robins, Starlings, Blue Jays and other large birds that would devour all the food. Meal Worm Cup: sturdy UV stable resin (polyethylene) and removable for cleaning. Center food cup is designed and placed far enough from the wire to exclude large birds from reaching through the wire and getting the Oriole food.h Hanging Chain: 2 inch. Pole Mountable. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. All plastic parts made from 100 percent recycled plexiglas. Made in the USA.