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Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet

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Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet

Includes six (6) 13.5 oz. suet cakes

Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet is specially treated to discourage feeding by squirrels. The high-energy suet will attract a wide-range of birds and contains only food ingredients, no chemicals. The Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet contains rendered beef suet, sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn and Chili Treat, a unique and patented concentrated pepper oil that is nutritious to birds but is unpalatable to squirrels.

When initially using Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet, it make take a few weeks for all of the squirrels to initially try the suet and become familiar with the taste-smell association. Once the smell has been learned, they will quickly look elsewhere for food and leave your suet feeders alone.

Squirrel Proof High Energy Suet can be used YEAR ROUND.

Each suet cake is 13.5 oz. and measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 1", fitting any standard suet cage or feeder.