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Squirrel Proof Treat Your Own Seed Saver

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Squirrel Proof Treat Your Own Seed Saver

Squirrel Proof "Treat Your Own" Bird Seed Saver Treatment is a new treatment which can be applied to any birdseed in order to make the seed unpalatable to squirrels.  Treat Your Own Bird Seed Saver Treatment is based on the same technology used in Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed but can now be applied by consumers to their own favourist seed mix.   Squirrel Proof "Treat Your Own" Bird Seed Saver Treatment is scientifically proven effective, safe, government approved and is manufactured from only all natural food ingredients.  Adding "Treat Your Own" to wild bird seed mix produces an all-natural vitamin-enriched bird seed mix that is more nutritious for wild birds and birds love it and squirrels don't.

Easy to Use: "Treat Your Own" is simple to use - simply follow the instructions to mix it in with your favourite seed mix.  Small volumes of seed can be treated in a Tupperware container and larger volumes can be treated and stored in a large pail.  One 450g bottle of "Treat Your Own" will initially treat about 35lbs of bird seed. Squirrels will try it initially and quickly stop eating the bird seed because of Treat Your Own's Chili Treat™ "hot and spicy" sensation.   From that point, just the smell of "Treat Your Own" in your bird seed mix will keep them from the feeder, and you can actually reduce the amount of "Treat Your Own" you mix into subsequent batches of seed mix.

How It Works: "Treat Your Own" teaches or conditions squirrels to the association between the taste they don't like and the smell of the food.  When you see the squirrels avoiding your bird feeder, you know that the smell of "Treat Your Own" has been learned.  Once the smell has been established, squirrels do not need to eat the food any longer as it is the smell that keeps squirrels out of the feeder.  This process may take a few weeks, but, once conditioned, you can then use "Treat Your Own" with excellent effectiveness to keep squirrels from other areas of your garden.

Safe and Effective: This unique and patented technology was originally discovered at the National Institute of Health and has been extensively tested to ensure that it is safe and effective in helping to control and keep squirrels out of the bird feeder.  Squirrel Proof products have been independently tested at Cornell University and have been approved for sale in Canada by Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency as being a safe, effective and all-natural way to keep squirrels out of the bird feeder!

Other Usages:  In addition to using "Treat Your Own" to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder, many of our customers report that they also have successfully used "Treat Your Own" to control and manage squirrels and other pests around the garden. Here are some suggestions for great gardening tips:

  • The most effective use of "Treat Your Own" in the garden is after squirrels have been conditioned to the smell of it with food.  Starting with "Treat Your Own" mixed into bird seed at your feeders is an excellent first step.  Once your feeders are protected, then use the following tips.
  • Sprinkle or spray "Treat Your Own" around the base of potted plants - "Treat Your Own" will not harm your plants and will keep squirrels from digging in your pots.
  • Sprinkle or spray "Treat Your Own" on wood chips or garden mulch, then spread the mulch around the garden areas you wish to keep squirrels from digging.  Because "Treat Your Own" is a food oil product, it will not readily wash away in rain, but it is advisable to re-apply "Treat Your Own" periodically to keep the smell "fresh".