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Suet Bird Feeder

SKU: STK-38092 BRAND: Stokes Select
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Suet Bird FeederSuet Bird Feeder

This basic must-have feeder attracts clinging birds such as Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers. The natural feeding method that this feeder provides attracts birds that your other feeders do not. The Suet Feeder attracts birds such as Chickadees, Titmice, Woodpeckers, and Nuthatches. Even more unusual feeder birds like Bluebirds, Mockingbirds, and Carolina Wrens may be attracted to suet mixes with berries. The Suet Feeder is proven to be a useful tool for successful bird feeding.

SIMPLE AND SLEEK DESIGN: Stokes designs all their bird supplies to easily and quickly attract birds, this feeder allows several birds to feed at once

VERSATILE: Use for suet cakes or nesting materials in the spring and orange halves in the summer

HIGH QUALITY: Powder coated durable weather resistant finish creates a product that will last a lifetime!

PROTECT THE BIRDS: A portion of ALL Stokes Select proceeds is donated to bird habitat and conservation, so you can create a better bird environment not just for YOUR outdoor areas!

HIGHLY RATED: Stokes Select is a common household name for a reason - our birdfeeders, birdhouses, bird accessories, squirrel and ant proofing designs and materials WORK making your life, and bird's lives, easy!