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TERRO Flea Trap

SKU: WS-T230 BRAND: Terro
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TERRO Flea TrapTERRO Flea Trap
  • Detects and controls indoor flea problems
  • Uses heat and light to lure fleas from 30 feet away
  • SuperGrabber glue holds fleas and other insects fast for monitoring and removal
  • Trap canopy obscures glue board from view
  • Includes 1 flea trap and 2 glue board inserts; refills available

The TERRO Refillable Flea Trap can help you detect, monitor, and control flea infestations in your home. Able to lure fleas from as far as 30 feet away, this trap uses heat and light to attract fleas, then traps them fast on the SuperGrabber glue board.

Control fleas inside your home without sprays with the TERRO Refillable Flea Trap. This trap detects, monitors, and controls flea infestations by lure fleas from up to 30 feet away using light and heat as attractants. Fleas leap into the trap where they get stuck fast on a SuperGrabber replaceable glue board. The glue boards will also capture other insects that attempt to cross its path. This trap also features a protective canopy that keeps objects, people and pets from coming in contact with the sticky glue board. The TERRO Refillable Flea Trap is easy to use. To set up, simply extend the canopy until it clicks into place, insert the glue board and remove the release paper, and then turn on the light. Place the trap on the floor in an area where fleas are common – typically where your pet spends a lot of time. Put in a fresh glue board every two to four weeks. This trap includes two glue board inserts, with additional refills sold separately. Why are fleas so eager to investigate the TERRO Refillable Flea Trap? Adult fleas sense heat, which to them indicate a warm-blooded animal, which they typically use as a host. By simulating the warmth of the host, the flea trap attracts fleas from where they live and hide. If you’re a pet owner, you can use the TERRO Refillable Flea Trap year-round as an early detection device, luring these parasites out of upholstery, carpeting, and cracks.