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TreeHelp Cold Weather Tree Blanket

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TreeHelp Cold Weather Tree Blanket

The Cold Weather Blanket is a fabric blanket specially designed to provide short-term cold weather protection for small and medium-sized mature trees and newly planted seedlings. The blankets work on a wide range of trees including palm trees, citrus and any tree or shrub susceptible to frost damage.

The Treehelp Cold Weather Blanket is a medium-weight, permeable, UV-treated fabric designed to protect trees and plants from harsh cold and freezing temperatures. On average the temperature under the fabric is up to 6-8 degrees F. warmer than exterior temperatures. The fabric blanket allows a 50% light transmission.

The Cold Weather Tree Blanket is pre-cut to a size of 12 feet x 10 feet and comes with 8 Clip-It eyelet clasps which can be easily attached at the corners and midsections of the blanket for easy tie-down.

The Cold Weather Tree Blanket is simply draped over the tree, the Clip-It eyelets are attached at the appropriate points and then, using any commonly available gardening rope, tied around the trunk of the tree or fastened to the ground. The Cold Weather Tree Blanket should be applied shortly before cold weather is expected and removed once the short-term cold weather has subsided. The blanket is reusable over many seasons.

Please note: When protecting a palm tree during an extreme cold period, the most important part of the tree to protect is the terminal bud which is located at the top of the tree in the center. It is where the new fronds (leaves) emerge.

The Cold Weather Tree Blanket includes the 12" x 10" fabric cover and 8 clip-It eyelets.