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TreeHelp Japanese Beetle Trap Replacement Lure & Bait

SKU: UNS-GLTR-9003 BRAND: TreeHelp
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TreeHelp Japanese Beetle Trap Replacement Lure & Bait
  • It works with several different types of Japanese Beetle traps, including the Tanglefoot Japanese beetle trap
  • Convenient single pack contains floral lure and pheromone.
  • Attracts both male and female beetles.
  • Long lasting floral and pheromone lure.
  • Fits all traps.


Replacement Bait and Lure

Fits All Japanese Beetle Traps



Peel off covering of the Dual lure package. As marked on package, position dual lure so that the open side faces inward to the trap. DO NOT REMOVE CONTENTS.

If Japanese Beetle Trap top has slots in the vane, insert one edge into one slot, then tip upward to insert into opposite edge of slot. (Figure 1).

If trap top does not have slots, use enclosed twist tie to hang Dual lure package. Insert tie through hole in trap top or trap hanger. Adjust


lure height so bottom of lure is at the bottom of the trap vane. (Figure 2).

PLACEMENT: To be most effective, the trap should be located about 10 feet downwind of foliage to intercept beetles heading toward it (Figure 3). Do not place the trap near or in the foliage as it will attract more beetles into the foliage. (Experience has shown that a height of about 3 1/2 to 4 feet intercepts large numbers of beetles). Traps work better in bright, open areas rather than shade.

MAINTENANCE: Inspect trap periodically. One dual lure bait should be effective for a complete season in most instances. Empty the cage when it is about half full of beetles. The air holes in the container will reduce the odor of dead and dying beetles. If the odor grows too strong, the odor could lessen the effectiveness of the lure. To kill beetles, immerse cage in water. Dead beetles may then be placed in garbage or buried.