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TreeHelp Moisture Help

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TreeHelp Moisture Help

Size: 8.5 oz bottle

TreeHelp Moisture Help is a soil additive that manages water around the root zone of plants providing a more constant supply of water and significantly reducing the chance of drought damage.  TreeHelp Moisture Help increases survivalreduces transplant shockreduces watering frequency, and extends flowering.

TreeHelp Moisture Help contains superabsorbent gel polymer crystals that absorb hundreds of times their weight in water. The crystals can be added to backfill for newly planted trees, placed in the ground near established trees, mixed with soil in planters and flower beds, or added to repotting mixtures for potted plants. When the soil is watered, the crystals absorb the moisture and release it again for the roots to use when the surrounding soil becomes drier.  

For Your Trees
Trees and shrubs in urban environments face a number of stresses that lead to decreased lifespan.  Providing consistent and adequate moisture to the root systems will go a long way to decrease tree stress and promote overall health. 

For Your Potted Plants
One of the most common problems that arise with indoor potted plants is improper watering.  Watering is an easy task to forget and it is difficult to find the balance between too little and too much water.  TreeHelp Moisture Help reduces the chances of the soil becoming too dry and gives the plant more consistent access the moisture. 

Superabsorbent polymers have been used in many areas of commercial horticulture and agriculture for nearly two decades.  Only recently has this unique product become available to homeowners.  

How Much Do I Need? 

A little TreeHelp Moisture Help goes a long way. How much you need depends on what you are using it for.  Check the following table for general application rates.  Take care not to exceed the recommended application rates as it can lead to problems such as root upheaval and root rot. 


Trees and Shrubs

The application will differ depending on whether the tree is newly planted or established.  For newly planted trees, mix TreeHelp Moisture Help directly into the backfill and plant as usual.  For established trees, place TreeHelp Moisture Help into holes in the ground around the tree spreading the treatment as evenly as possibly.  The applications rates below apply in both cases.

By Container Size: By Caliper:
1 Gallon: 1 Tablespoon 1 inch: 1 oz.
2 Gallon: 2 Tablespoons 2 inch: 2 oz.
3 Gallon: 3 Tablespoons 3 inch: 3 oz.
5 Gallon: 1 oz. 4 inch: 6 oz.
7 Gallon: 1 1/2 oz. 6 inch: 9 oz.
10 Gallon: 2 oz. 8 inch: 12 oz.
15 Gallon: 3 oz. By Height:
20 Gallon: 4 oz. 2 feet: 2 Tablespoons
30 Gallon: 6 oz. 3 feet: 1 oz.
50 Gallon: 9 oz. 6 feet: 2 oz.
100 Gallon: 12 oz. 8 feet: 3 oz.
12 feet: 4 oz.
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Flower Beds

Broadcast TreeHelp Moisture Help at the rate of 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. and work into the earth 4-6 inches deep.  Plant as usual.

Interior Plants

Containered Plants:

Add TreeHelp Moisture Help at a rate of 2 lbs. per cubic yard of mix.  If the plants are already in containers, then use a pencil or similar object to get the TreeHelp Moisture Help crystals into the soil.

Potted Plants:

Poke one hole for each inch of pot diameter with a pencil or similar object.  Use the following application rates:

of Pot
of Holes
Total Amount of TreeHelp Moisture Help*
(*NOT per hole)
4"   4   1/4 teaspoon
6"   6   1/2 teaspoon
8"   8   1 teaspoon
12"   12   1 1/2 teaspoon
18"   18   1 tablespoon