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TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment for Boxelder

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TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment for Boxelder

A unique and specially concentrated treatment that helps your trees:

  • increase general fitness improving their chances of withstanding environmental stress

  • quickly establish themselves when newly planted

  • better resist drought, temperature extremes, soil deficiencies, insects and disease

  • maintain healthy and beautiful foliage

TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment contains a specially designed and concentrated formulation of living mycorrhizal fungi. When applied to the soil, these beneficial fungi quickly colonize the root system to create excellent conditions for root growth. In exchange for food, the fungi provide water and nutrients to the tree's roots enhancing the plant's uptake.

TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment is a granular soil additive. Using a soil auger or other such device, holes are drilled in the soil around the tree. Small amounts of the treatment are placed in the holes and intensively watered.

One treatment treats 1 mature tree or 2-3 smaller, newly planted or potted trees.