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TreeHelp Rope Saw: Professional

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TreeHelp Rope Saw: Professional

Save $100's by pruning high branches yourself safely and easily from the ground. 

Pruning tall trees represents a costly task for most homeowners. Hiring professional tree care companies can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. The TreeHelp Rope Saw represents a new and unique way to cut down high tree limbs - and you can do it yourself. 

The TreeHelp Rope Saw (Professional) is composed of a 48-inch Bimatic carbon steel chain blade, two 25-foot lengths of rope and a throwing weight. Instead of climbing into the tree carrying a gas-powered chainsaw, simply toss the weight over the selected limb, step aside, and pull on the ropes. The blade will automatically adjust itself to cut edge down and the sawing action is faster than conventional saws because the blade cuts three sides of the branch at once. 

The TreeHelp Rope Saw is: 

You can cut high limbs quickly and easily because the patented Bimatic blade is designed for two-way cutting and you save the time involved with climbing a large tree. 

Avoid the substantial costs associated with hiring a tree care professional to do your pruning. 

Because you cut while standing on the ground, you eliminate the risk of falling and avoid the potential hazards of working with a power chainsaw. The lightweight, yet extremely strong polypropylene ropes are electrically non-conductive posing no problems with overhead wires.