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Water Spike Watering Device: 6-Pack

SKU: TOOL-00308 BRAND: Planters' Pride
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Water Spike Watering Device: 6-Pack

Six (6) Water Spike Watering Devices
Six (6) clear plastic air tubes
Easy-to-follow instructions

Water Spikes attach to most plastic drink bottles enabling you to deep-root water your trees and shrubs. As long as water continues to flow through the control device, your plants stay moist. The flow control device ensures your plants receive the right amount of water all the time without the risk of overwatering or dehydration.

Simply connect a plastic air tube (included), screw the spike to a standard plastic pop bottle, and push into the soil. Once filled, the water is slowly released through small holes in the shaft of the spikes into the surrounding soil. You can adjust the flow using the flow control dial.

  • Perfect for controlled watering of trees and shrubs and other plants such as vegetables

  • Adjustable flow control allows you to customize your watering for different plants or soils

  • Particularly useful when there is substantial ground cover such as flowers above the target roots

  • Can be used with a water-soluble fertilizer to feed your plants while they are being watered

  • Great for potted plants indoors or outdoors. Especially handy for apartment balconies where watering can be messy

  • Provides plants with water when you are not home. Just fill the bottles before you leave, and your plants won't go thirsty