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Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap

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Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap

An effective, versatile and non-poisonous trap that can be used to lure a variety of flying insects such as flies, yellow jackets, and fruit flies. Through a special design and various baits, insects fly into holes at the top of the bottle and are unable to escape.

Step 1: Set the Bait
Simply fill the trap with bait appropriate to the type of insect you want to trap. For example, for flies, use a scrap of raw fish or uncooked lean beef partially immersed in water. For yellow jackets, use about 1 inch of lemonade, grenadine, fruit-flavored soda, fruit, fruit juice, beer or sugar water. For fruit flies, try bananas, bread soaked with beer, lemonade, or sliced apples. Experiment with various baits to determine the best one for your situation.

U.S. Version comes with Bait

Step 2: Place the Trap
Hang traps from trees or stakes in calm, sunny locations about 25 feet from living areas. Make sure that liquid is kept in the trap at all times.

Step 3: Dispose of Insects
When the trap is 3/4 full, use the following disposal methods: For fruit flies, run hot tap water through any of the holes in the top of the trap and shake so the water contacts all flies. For yellow jackets, submerge the closed trap in hot, soapy water. For added effectiveness, place a thin film of vaseline around the inside neck of the bottle. Dispose of contents, rinse the trap, and re-bait.