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The Gardener's Guide to Plant Diseases

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Product Overview

Barbara Pleasant
188 Pages

Become a Skilled Doctor of Plant Care!

This easy-to-control reference fully explains more than 50 of the most common plant diseases - where they occur, what they look like, what to do about them, and the long-term prognosis for the affected plants.  Most important, gardening expert Barbara Pleasant recommends proven organic methods for controlling each disease.

The Gardener's Guide to Plant Diseases features:

  • informal encyclopedia style, making information and answers easy to find

  • illustrations that show the techniques for distinguishing between look-alike symptoms of different diseases

  • cross-referenced list of common vegetables and fruits and the diseases most apt to affect them

  • loads of facts on symptoms and tips for detecting diseases (including those diseases that are often too small to see)

  • simple, inexpensive organic treatments to halt the spread of each disease and prevent its recurrence

About the Author
Award-winning author Barbara Pleasant has written three books including The Gardener's Bug Book and Warm-Climate Gardening (Garden Way Publishing).  She writes for newspapers and several magazines including GreenPrints, Organic Gardening, and Country Journal.  She lives in Huntsville Alabama.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100