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For landscapers and home gardeners in Florida, Arizona, California and along the Gulf Coast, a citrus tree is often the ideal choice as a landscape fruit tree. With its appealing shape, fragrant blossoms and edible fruit, a citrus such as an orange, grapefruit or lemon tree can enhance many sites receiving an abundance of direct sunlight. The key drawback to the citrus is, of course, its intolerance of cold. Even a moderate freeze can seriously damage or kill a citrus tree. It is not a tree for the Illinois landscaper! However, with a some planning, a little know-how and a vigilant eye on the weather forecast during the critical winter months, property owners in Florida, southern Arizona, southern California and the gulf areas of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas can successfully see their trees through the occasional tussle with Jack Frost, even in areas deemed too risky for commercial plantings.